The Satanic Temple began offering online services for the safety of our community in 2021. They were an immediate success, and quickly expanded to add a second service every week for our members around the world. Currently hosted on The Satanic Temple TV, our Temple Tuesday Services stream live every Tuesday at 9:00pm ET (United States Eastern Time) and our Temple Weekend Services stream live every Sunday at 10:00am UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). The chat room opens an hour before services start for those who want to get settled in and say hello.

The pages below are “how to” guides for people volunteering to perform key functions for running our online services: chat moderators, interlocutors (or “panelists”), and Zoom techs. If you have been asked to perform any of these roles for an upcoming service, make sure you have read the guideline page below and reach out to the Religious Services Team if you have any questions.

Q: Where is the instructions page for ministers?
A: Ministers can find that page on their Minister’s Dashboard (login required).