Guide for Chat Moderators

This page provides a quick overview of the requirements and responsibilities of a Chat Moderator for online Satanic religious services. If you have been asked to be a Chat Moderator, please reach out to the Religious Services team for technical information, such as how to log into The Satanic Temple TV with moderator access and how to kick and ban people from the chat.

Before service begins

During the service

What does “distracting and disruptive” mean?

There are activities you may consider acceptable (or be willing to look past) at a social event or before the service starts, but that create distraction during a service, e.g.

  • picking fights
  • excessive small-talk
  • attention-seeking
  • goading people into talking about off-topic news or current events.

Some activities are never acceptable, even if you think of them as relatively “minor”:

  • verbal bullying
  • personal insults
  • criticizing someone’s appearance.

Please do not put the burden of responding to this behavior on the other audience members during a religious service. Instead, give a single warning and then remove the person if the behavior continues.

Tips for moderating services