About Online Services

The Satanic Temple began offering online services in 2021 for the safety of our community and to make our services more accessible to our members all around the world.

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Q: What happens in these online Satanic religious services?
A: An ordained Minister of Satan opens the service, recites the invocation, introduces a topic, and leads a discussion among a small number of interlocutors (sometimes called panelists) on the live stream while audience members watch and interact with each other in the text chat.

Service Format

1 Preamble: The audience assembles and socializes in the chat until the live stream begins.

2 Invocation: The minister recites The Satanic Temple’s invocation.

3 Declamation: The minister introduces the topic of the evening.

4 Discussion: The interlocutors and minister discuss the topic of the evening.

5 Peroration: The minister closes by inviting congregants to reflect on the topic.

6 Announcements: The minister thanks the participants and announces upcoming activities.

You can watch recordings of most of our past services in the Services Archive, and subscribe to the (audio only) Satanic Religious Services podcast to stay up-to-date with services you may have missed.